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AirMighty Magazine #47 in print!

AirMighty Magazine #47 in print!

In print! Yes we did it again, printing prices have gone sky high and it’s not easy with these extra costs. But we are proud to announce the new AirMighty Magazine #47 is rolling off the press as we speak. Soon available in the webshop and of course ask your local distributor! Filled with many VW shows from all around the globe, and air-cooled VW features from our beloved Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 cars! Yes another 172 pages filled with interesting mind food for gearheads with a passion for air-cooled Volkswagens!

Visit our webshop and subscribe now, you will receive a discount and will be the fort to receive it directly in your mailbox! Thanks for the support, we can not do this without you, our readers, advertisers, distributors and everyone else supporting the air-cooled VW scene!

    27 June 2022


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