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AirMighty Portfolio 2022

AirMighty Portfolio 2022

Another year, another AirMighty Portfolio. This is your opportunity to have your picture(s) published. This year looked like a normal season with many air-cooled VW shows, trips, vacations and gatherings.
So we are curious about your shots! Let’s create another AirMighty Portfolio together, let’s make it personal, let’s make this magazine a special one.

Let’s create another picture-perfect magazine, literally made by and for you, our readers!

Please send us your top 10 best pictures ever (via to Send them in before November 4th, 2022. This can be a unique moment, an artistic angle or just that perfect lucky shot you made…

Send us the hi-resolution photo with the complete information:
PICTURE BY First Lastname
WHERE City, Country
WHEN Month XX, 2022
WHAT Type of car is on the picture 
STORY a two / three lines story about that moment, the car or situation to make an interesting photo caption.

We all know how it works by now, and this will be our 13th Portfolio to date. Let’s do this! We’re already looking forward to receiving your superb images!

Who knows it will be your picture on the AirMighty Portfolio 2021 magazine cover…!

Your picture in the magazine:

  • Make a selection of your best 10 (max) pictures of that unique VW moment, an artistic angle or just that perfect lucky shot you made…
  • Send us the original hi-resolution pictures by to
  • We download them, check the quality and as soon as the picture makes it into the final selection we will contact you by e-mail for the photo-description.
  • When we received all information correctly, who knows your picture will end up in the next AirMighty Portfolio 2021!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

14 October 2022


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