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Movie: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove 2023

Movie: AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove 2023

March 12, 2023 – After 4 years it was finally that time again. Time to hit the road in the ‘AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove’ on route to the Freddy Files in Ninove, Belgium. The weather forecast wasn’t the best, but all in all around 50 air-cooled VWs joined the party to the streets of Ninove. We gathered at the gasstation in Hazeldonk (NL – BE border), here we filled up the tank, handed out the special made dashplaques and from where we rolled out to the show… lucking with some sunshine we enjoyed the day there! See you again in 2024! Pictures to follow asap, stay tuned!

13 March 2023

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