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Movie: VolksWorld Plus Show 2024

Movie: VolksWorld Plus Show 2024

Volksworld Plus Show 2024: New set up for a Bigger crowd

The Volksworld Plus Show 2024 is an unmissable event for classic Volkswagen and Porsche enthusiasts. Held on March 16th and 17th at Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey, this year’s show brings together the best air-cooled VWs, classic Porsches, and even some retro water-cooled Volkswagens.

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Our trip to the UK for the Volksworld Show

This year we drove out our AirMighty VW T2a/b Panel to the new Volksworld Plus Show 2024. New we say… yes indeed, for this edition the publisher of Volksworld Magazine added other magazine titles and their scene to the show. So we where also expecting the VWt Magazine to put on a VW Transporter Bus display outside on the back of the venue, Performance VW to have a watercooled Volkswagen lineup on the club-display area outside on the location and the Classic Porsche magazine to have aircooled Porsches filling up the EMPI Hall downstairs while the aircooled VWs where on display in the main hall. 

Great travels… to a classic VW and Porsche show

We took the night Stena Line ferry from Hoek van Holland (NL) to Harwich (UK). A smooth and easy crossing took us there and we could continue our trip in the old VW T2 Bus to the show where we arrived on Friday morning.

We checked it all out, and with the “no pictures” policy we left Friday afternoon to get back for the opening on Saturday morning. We noticed less traders and stalls, the venue looked a bit empty. Since Brexit you truly notice the European cars and traders aren’t there. But all in all there where some very high quality builds, new show cars and rare vintage VWs and Porsches to be seen.

We had a good time seeing and talking to everyone again, had the chance to take some pictures for the AirMighty Magazine and shot some videos… be sure to check out the result here and enjoy the VolksWorld Plus Show 2024 again via our AirMighty-YouTube Chanel …don’t forget to like and subscribe!  

What Could We Expect?

Air-Cooled VWs: The Surrey Hall houses a world-class collection of Beetles, Split and Bay Window Buses, Karmann Ghias, and Type 3s. These iconic vehicles have been meticulously preserved and lovingly restored, taking you on a journey through Volkswagen’s golden era. We counted around 60 air-cooled VWs on display this year. Les then expected, but the quality itself was again high. Some true stunners build by Spikes Vintage Restoration, IRVs, Classic Car Revivals, LimeBug and many other enthousiast builders from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Air-Cooled Porsches: In the Empi Hall, you could find an impressive lineup of air-cooled Porsches this year. Other editions they filled up this hall with aircooled VW clubs, but this year the ‘Classic Porsche’ magazine presented 25 aircooled classic Porsches, including the 356, 911, 912, 914, 964, and 993. A true spectacle for car enthusiasts!

Retro Water-Cooled Volkswagens: On Sunday ‘Performance VW’ magazine put together a display of their finest retro water-cooled Volkswagens. This was outside on the venue area, a unique opportunity to see modern VW models alongside their classic counterparts. With a number of 40 cars we might have expected a bit more, but for the water-cooled crowd it was a nice addition to the show we guess.

Air-Cooled VW Clubs and Displays: Saturday features air-cooled VW clubs and displays on the grandstand apron.

Performance VW Models: On Sunday, Performance VW magazine presents the best-kept examples of classic Golf, Polo, and Scirocco models, alongside hand-picked Porsches.

Modern VW Campers: Throughout the weekend, modern VW Campers are displayed on the lawn area, courtesy of VWt magazine. This seemed to be less crowded than previous editions. All in all there where some custom T4, T5 and T6 VW Transporter Buses on display.

In general, for the weekend visitors seeking a unique automotive experience, the Volksworld Plus Show 2024 offers unparalleled access to the finest creations from Wolfsburg, Hannover, and Stuttgart. Many nice modified and stock Volkswagens and Porsches in the UK and possibly Europe where on display.
Check out the video and join us at Sandown Park and immerse yourself in the nostalgia and allure of air-cooled classics. It’s an extravaganza like no other!

21 March 2024