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Gallery: VW Käfer Wintertreffen, Herford

Gallery: VW Käfer Wintertreffen, Herford

On 13 January 2024 we drove to Germany to visit the ‘15th VW Käfer und VW Veteranen Wintertreffen’ in Herford. Always a good vibe, great parts, cars and good company! – Full show report can be found in AirMighty Magazine #54

15th Edition of the Classic Air-Cooled Volkswagen VW Käfer and Veteran Winter Meeting in Herford, Germany

On January 13th and 14th, 2023, the 15th edition of the VW Käfer and Veteran Winter Meeting took place at the historic Güterbahnhof in Herford, Germany. Organized by Giornelli Wude, this event brought together enthusiasts of air-cooled Volkswagens for a weekend filled with passion, great classics as well as a good swap-meet and parts market.

Click on the picture below to visit the Gallery:

The old, heated brick building of Güterbahnhof served as the perfect venue for this gathering. With 3,500 square meters of indoor space, numerous top-notch air-cooled VWs and Porsches were on display. The scent of gasoline, the sound of air-cooled engines, and the glossy paint of the classics filled the hall, creating a unique atmosphere that only enthusiasts can truly appreciate.

Visitors could marvel at the timeless beauty of the Volkswagen Käfer (better known as the Beetle) and other iconic models. From the elegant Karmann Ghia to the rugged VW Bus, each car told its own story. The owners’ passion was there and the cars where properly displayed.

In addition to the good car collection, the event also offered an extensive range of parts. Visitors could browse through rare original parts, accessories, and memorabilia. It was a true paradise for those looking to restore or upgrade their own air-cooled Volkswagen.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. People shared stories, tips, and experiences with one another. Friendships were forged, and new bonds were made. It was a community of like-minded souls who shared their passion for classic cars… while enjoying a good old German Curry-wörst.

Visitors could enjoy warm drinks, delicious snacks, and typical German hospitality. The cold winter days were warmed by the love for air-cooled Volkswagens.

The VW Käfer and Veteran Winter Meeting in Herford was not just an event for car enthusiasts; it was also a tribute to the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of these classic cars. It proved that passion and tradition are still very much alive, even in the modern automotive world. With the 15th edition behind us, we eagerly look forward to the next gathering. Because one thing is certain: the love for air-cooled Volkswagens will never fade.

27 March 2024


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