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AirMighty Magazine #54 ready to order!

AirMighty Magazine #54 ready to order!

The new AirMighty Magazine #54 is here and available through our webshop now! 

AirMighty Megascene issue 54. We again did our very best to get a nice diversity of air-cooled stunners in this magazine, from the Type 3 to Beetles (stock and custom), rare Type 18a and even some amazing Porsche Pre-As. Of course we checked out some great shows, like the busiest VW Bug Show in Spa, the Old Speed fun during the Ardennen Rennen, we take you to Indonesia, USA, Austria, Belgium, UK, NL, Germany and Brazil, as well as many swap-meet reports from all over Europe! Collect it now, it will not disappoint! 

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    CARS: Type 18a “Polizei Cabrio” Hamburg police. Oval Obsession 2.3-litre 1956 Ragtop. Type 3 Square from France. Dutch Porsche 356 Pre-As. 1954 Oval “The Jewelry Box”, great three-fold sunroof Oval.

    SHOWS: Le Bug Show Spa 2023, Ardennen Rennen 2023, All Out VW Show America, 4th Beetle Battle in Indosesia, Volksfest Curitiba Brazil, Lindoa Show Brazil, Porsche Pre-A Meeting, VW Swap Meets: Slough Swapmeet, Newbury (UK), Aircooled Winterfest, Rosmalen (NL), VW Käfer Veteranen Wintertreffen, Herford (DE), Kempense Kever Club Swapmeet, Lommel (BE), Midland’s Air-cooled Swap Meet, Gaydon (UK).

    …and more: European VW Show Calendar. Hebmüller Build – Part 2. El Dub’s Column, ‘Inch Pincher Too Baja’.

    100% Aircooled Volkswagen magazine with Classic VW show and event reports and great Vintage Volkswagen Car articles – SUBSCRIBE!

    28 March 2024


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