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Movie: Hebmüller Build – Part 1 & 2

Movie: Hebmüller Build – Part 1 & 2

Søren Rasmussen’s Hebmüller Build – Part 1 and Part 2

Building your dream car! Sounds like something from some American TV show, right? Well, it isn’t. This is a chance for you, as a reader of AirMighty Magazine, to have a look into what it takes to build a car from the ground up. And by this, we mean from bits and pieces. But with a twist – you can learn how to do it yourself!

Read all about it in the magazine:

Hebmüller Build – Part 1: AirMighty Magazine #53  
Hebmüller Build – Part 2: AirMighty Magazine #54

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See more on this amazing Hebmuller Build!

More detailed information, closeups on “how to” build, tips and tricks and see what Søren is doing and explaining you how to do this kind of work can be found on his YouTube profile – @SPRasmussen

In this build series which will spread through the next AirMighty Show in 2025, we will be following the Angora Restoration team who is building their dream car!

Seeing both the vision he has via his pictures, plus how many parts and how much work there is to fulfill his project, Angora’s Søren Rasmussen has decided to show you the whole build process of putting a car together.

Søren is what you can call a talented professional, being a teacher in body repairs, catering to new and – of course – old cars. 

He will show you via extensive YouTube build videos the whole process of putting the metal back together. Not only will you follow his journey – starting with the Hebmüller-lookalike being born – but you will also likely learn a lot about sheet metal work. This will hopefully help you create your own project car at home.

GER: Bau’ dir dein Traumauto! Klingt etwas nach einer amerikanischen TV-Show, oder? Nun das ist es aber  nicht – dies ist eine Chance für dich als Leser dieses Magazins, einen Blick dafür zu bekommen,  was es braucht, um ein Auto von Grund auf aufzubauen. Und damit meinen wir Stück für Stück – und dabei kannst du lernen, es selbst zu machen!

In dieser Reihe, die bis zur nächsten AirMighty-Show im Jahr 2025 andauern wird, werden wir das Angora Restoration-Team begleiten, das sein Traumauto baut.

FR: Réalisez la voiture de vos rêves! Le sujet pourrait volontiers s’apparenter aux prémices d’une émission de télévision américaine, non? Tout faux. Cette série d’articles sera pour vous, lecteurs d’AirMighty, l’occasion de découvrir les secrets de la construction d’une voiture à partir de quelques pièces clés glanées ici et là. Avec de plus un avantage non négligeable: vous pourrez réaliser les mêmes travaux vous-même!

Via cette série d’articles, qui s’étendra jusqu’au prochain AirMighty Show en 2025, nous allons suivre le team d’Angora Restoration qui est à l’origine de ce projet.

What is a Hebmüller?

A Volkswagen Hebmüller is a unique two-seater convertible built by the German coachbuilder Hebmüller on the chassis of the Volkswagen Beetle. These distinctive cars were produced between June 1949 and 1953. The Hebmüller Cabriolet is renowned for its elegant design and craftsmanship.

Originally, only two Hebmüller convertibles were built on the request of Major Ivan Hirst at Volkswagen in 1946. Later, more were produced, but the total number remains limited. The Hebmüller convertibles feature a 2+2 seating configuration and a rear-mounted horizontally opposed engine.

These cars are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and historical significance. They combine the iconic shape of the Beetle with the exclusive style and craftsmanship of Hebmüller. Today, only a handful of surviving Hebmüller convertibles exist, and they are considered valuable classics in the automotive world.

4 April 2024


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