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Movie: Outlaw Racers 1957 Porsche 356

Movie: Outlaw Racers 1957 Porsche 356

AirMighty Magazine 55 feature: While looking like a genuine 356, James Rudland’s slammed and perfectly finished coupe has the soul of an air-cooled Volkswagen. That’s because its fibreglass body hides a vast assortment of VW components, including a healthy 180-horse 2276cc Type 1 motor.

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The Timeless Beauty of the Porsche 356 Coupe and Its Doubles

In the early years after World War II, when the world was still recovering from the scars of conflict, something special emerged in Porsche’s workshops. Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, the son of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche, was at the helm of a new era. It was 1948, and the first Porsche 356 Coupe rolled off the production line. A car that not only hit the road, but also captured the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world.

The 356 Coupe was a masterpiece of simplicity and elegance. Its rounded shapes, low silhouette and distinctive headlights made it a timeless beauty. The engine, placed at the rear, gave the car a balanced weight distribution and unparalleled agility. It was a car that not only drove, but danced across the roads.

But as with any icon, a desire for more arose. People wanted the experience of a Porsche 356, but not everyone could afford the original. And so began the era of replicas.

The Replica Revolution

In the years that followed, numerous replicas of the Porsche 356 Coupe appeared. One of the most popular was based on the much-loved 1956 model. This kit offered a chance for enthusiasts to build their own 356, without the price of an original Porsche. The Coupe body could be mounted on a VW Beetle chassis or a custom-made tubular chassis. The bodywork came in black primer and included doors, bonnet, boot lid, bumpers and dashboard. It was a tribute to the classic, with a modern twist.

And then there was the Porsche 356 Speedster replica. This 2009 beauty rested on a 1966 VW Beetle baseplate. With its soft top and side window guards, it was a tribute to the original Speedster.

The Road to Freedom

Whether you drive an original Porsche 356 Coupe or a replica, one thing is certain: these cars represent freedom. They take you on a journey through time, where the wind blows through your hair as you cut corners. It does not matter whether you are a purist who swears by the original or a dreamer who wants to go his own way with a replica. The Porsche 356 Coupe remains a symbol of passion, adventure and the open road.

5 July 2024


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