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Events organised by AirMighty

AirMighty Show 2021
October 20, 2024 | Enschede (NL)

AirMighty Swap-Meet

One day event – 11:00 – 16:00 o’clock. An oldschool indoor auto-jumble for air-cooled Volkswagen and Porsche parts NOS, used, new, accessories and memorabilia. With just simple tables filled with parts! Open for professional VW business and private sellers who just wanna clear out their garage, it doesn’t matter.

September 20-21, 2025 | Enschede (NL)

AirMighty Show

A two-day indoor show, where as many as possible of the cars featured in AirMighty Magazine over the years are on display, together with the best new show cars around. With special outdoor aircooled VW parking, VW Club displays, café-bar, and vendors running a lively swapmeet.

AirMighty Show 2021
May, 2027 | Enschede (NL)

European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show

A weekend filled with the best Vintage pre-57 VWs from Europe. We focus on the ‘Barndoor VW Bus’ and try to set again a new world-record on most 1950-03/1955 VW Buses together! 
This weekend includes camping abilities on site. A weekend for the family as well as the hardcore air-cooled VW freaks! You just need to be there!

Amersfoort (NL)

Carwash Night

A fun evening with your fellow VW friends. Washing your beloved air-cooler, hanging out, some tunes, coffee and our famous ‘bitterballs’ …good times at the carwash!

Hazeldonk (NL-BE)

Cruise 2 Ninove

The AirMighty Cruise 2 Ninove has become an event by itself. We gather at the Shell Gasstation in Hazeldonk (Dutch / Belgium border) from where we cruise in a huge convoy to the Freddy Files event in Ninove, Belgium.

Amersfoort (NL)

Birthday Bash

You always got to look for a reason to celebrate right… so we did, 5 Years (and 6 and 7 etc…) of AirMighty Megascene. In the centre of Amersfoort we gathered with 75 air-cooled VWs on the main square! Drinks, restaurants and our famous ‘bitterballs’!


Stay Safe Cruise

Together with Slammed Co. and Koffie van Erik we organised several editions for the Stay Safe Cruise. A way to get together, but keep the 1,5m distance during Covid times. With VW shops open in several cities in NL people had a goal to get out and drive, see the shops and collect goods along the way…

Zevenhuizen (NL)

Aircooled Cruise Night (ACN)

Organising the ‘ACN’ together with Keverland since 2004! Hundreds of them took place already, every first Tuesday of the (summer) month! Drive, park, chat, enjoy a drink and your fellow VW friends …nothing more, nothing less.

Apeldoorn (NL)

Summer Picnic

AirMighty used to be part of the most relaxed air-cooled VW weekend of the year (2010-2014), the AirMighty Summer Picnic. This is definitely a great weekend with family, friends, BBQ, swimming, music and fun!

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