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Car Feature: Canadian 1954 Ragtop

Canadian 1954 Oval Ragtop

When Josh Buchan found this 1954 Oval in Vancouver he had no idea what he was getting himself into... But it all ended well, with this stunning Beetle as the result!

Words: Kobus Cantraine
Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto
Pictures: Andrew Holliday Photography



> Painted in VW L322 Silver Granite,
   it looks stunning. Can you believe Josh
   painted it himself inside his garage!?

> Josh built a DIY paint booth using
   a wooden frame, some plastic,
   a few furnace filters and a big fan!

> The level of detailing on this
   Canadian ‘54 Oval is second to nome!

 > Powered by a 2332cc engine
    that will burn rubber all day long!!!

> Best described as a DKPIII style sleeper,
   Josh’s Oval will surprise many at the traffic
   lights in British Columbia!

> It’s hard not to notice that this Oval has a lot
   of power in the back... Its stance and wheels
   are a bit of a give-a-way...

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