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AirMighty Megascene #26


AirMighty Megascene #26

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  • Cars

    La Crewcabracha
    Modified in Mexico, this ’61 is a red-hot chilli Pick-Up.

    Higher Standard
    Can the man behind this 1950 see beyond the horizon? Let’s find out.

    Chad’s Chaser
    The result a lifelong passion for classic Porsche and Volkswagens.

    Work, Restore, Play
    Some projects prove a lot more involved than expected…

    GFK Window ‘wagen
    The time to represent those roots of Resto Cal had arrived…

    Cal Look Tribute
    Recreating a long lost Volkswagen that ruled the streets.

  • Shows

    Essen Motor Show
    We visit one of the largest car events in Germany and leave amazed…

    Laufenselden Beetle Treffen
    The Käfer-freunde’s (Beetle friends) gathering in Germany.

    Rumours about this event drew in T2 owners from far and wide.

    VW & Porsche Classic Event
    KdF-Wagen to 917, Stock to Cal look all in a fabulous setting.

    Split to Slovenia…
    …via the scenic route. Erwin Stock drove his ’66 Panel on an unforgettable road trip.

    Let’s Bug Together
    VW owners from 14 countries made this a truly international event.

    Aircooled Winter Fest
    The 25th anniversary of the first event of the Netherlands VW season.

    Panscrapers Spanish Show
    A Volkswagen fiesta for the disciples of dubs.

    Bugs, Buggies and Buses…
    …at the beach. Now this is a really brilliant setting for a VW meeting.

    LA Classic Auto Show
    A world-class car show held in downtown La-La-Land.

    Pyrenean mountain mission
    10 stock Split Buses head for the heights and sights.

    4,000km Winter VW trial
    Cold Balls is what the Swedish call fun… and they’re not wrong!

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