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AirMighty Megascene #34


AirMighty Megascene #34

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Type 3 Squareback…
Tasty second generation Variant from Germany looks sweeter than caramel

La Dolce Beetle.
Resto Custom ’61 done with typically Italian passion, style and flair.

Sublime Single Cab.
Basic work truck remodelled with far more luxurious qualities.

Turbo Turtle.
The first Beetle, in fact the first Volkswagen we have ever feaured from Thailand!

Old School ‘67.
California Look transformation carried out to perfection in Tokyo, Japan.

Lorenz 1500.
You can’t always get what you want, but if you know the right people…

Vocho Velocity.
Early Beetles are extremely rare in Mexico, but a ’48 with 48s is unique!


Tribardou Show.
French meeting in the grounds of a stunning Chateau.

Shasta Snow Trip.
Frolics by fanatics way up in the forests of the foothills.

Swinging Indonesian event.
A summer show held in December… that’s when it’s summer in Indonesia.

Belgian VAG weekend.
Flat fours converge on Zottegem, Belgium for a weekend of ‘wagens.

Air Cooled Winterfest.
Show season starter in the Netherlands, warm indoor VW celebration.

VW Jamboree.
Premiere event in Japan, held on Tokyo’s fun island just over the Rainbow bridge.

Hot Rod Custom Show, Japan.
Amazing annual exhibition of everything cool from Hot Rods to custom Volkswagens in Japan.

Sub Zero Heros!
The coolest event on the calendar where sideways action is the hottest element…

Buses by the Bridge.
Type 2’s by the bridge in Arizona bought in error, shipped from London, UK and rebuilt…

Volks ‘N’ Roll.
All Types rolled into the 12th unique Italian event for passionate aircooled rockers!

…and more!

Ivan’s Column
The VW Type 341… Slashed to death! The Karmann that never made it to the VW production line.

Rarest of the Rare
The Steiff Lenk-Bus. A super rare 1952 – 1953 kids toy, wich we all would have love to own, even now!

Nostalgia Corner
US best VW-based Wheelstanders which haunted dragstrips in the ’70s!

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