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AirMighty Megascene #36


AirMighty Megascene #36

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Type 147 Fridolin. 
Bitte ein – slammed on 17” Fuchs – Frid!
Fresh T1 Mango.
Don’t judge a book by its cover is the motto behind this 1960 Splitwindow bus.
Mach 1 Buggy. 
Okrasa powered, Mach 1 Beetle themed Meyers Manx.
1303 Beetle. 
Back and forth between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to create this stocker, now off to Hong Kong.
Shark attack – Puma GT!
Watch out as this super slammed RadikalBugz equipped Puma GT cops trophies everywhere it goes. 
Nostalgia Auto-Haus groovyness.
El Dub takes us to his VW world and talks about his pride & joy.


Ireland´s Jumpstart takes over the small village Loughmore tea-rooms.
Aircooled Scheveningen.
A 2 km long boulevard filled with aircooled VWs in the Netherlands.
European Bug-In #8.
Chimay was the place to be for some Nostalgic VW history, dragracing, partshunting and a beer.
IKW Wanroij.
Hollands biggest VW weekend. Camping and fun for the family.
BBT Open-House.
The day before Bad Camberg BBT opened their doors for the crowd.
Petermax Müller Rennen.
Proud to have participated in this event we will tell you the complete story en route to Bad Camberg.
20 Year Serial-Kombi.
We were in France, so had to stop by Serial-Kombi to have a look at their company and new premises.
EMPI Open-House.
After 20 years the EMPI doors opened again for their Open-House and welcomed all VW lovers to have a look inside!
Bad Camberger VW Treffen.
Full weekend filled with pre-’57 VWs. The sold out Vintage-VW-Treffen was again a success.

…and more!

Readers Rides
We asked for it I guess… The Readers Rides pictures just kept on coming in… The idea was 1 page but it evolved into a full spread on 4 pages… Please save your pics for issue #37 where we will have this again, but themed this time!
El Dub’s Column
Custom vs Cal-Look. Laurent will tell you and show you all about the amazingly cool display they put together at this years European Bug-In #8. History made for sure!
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