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AirMighty Megascene #38


AirMighty Megascene #38

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Polish Patina. 
Dropped on 17”, nicely sunburned 1964 Sea Blue Beetle.

Japanese Zwitter. 
VW Japan and Zwitter history and looking at this all original example of this 1953 manufactured Beetle.

His & Hers Deluxe Style. 
She’s rolling a ’55 Samba and He loves his ’59 Crew Cab, but both driving deluxe style!

Outlaw 356 Styled Ghia. 
While in Indonesia we had the chance to shoot this outlaw! 

Opis ’64 Ghia. 
This Hungarian Type14 definitely is a show car, but gets driven as well, we love it.

Denzel powered ‘53 Zwitter Race Car. 
Race history and in action at the Wales Rally GB 2019.


VW Bus Brazil.
Let´s go to Brazil, see their special built VWs and camp on the beach! 

Hangarz Meeting #6. 
Nazareth in Belgium is the place to be if you are into Cal-Look. 

Aircooled Race Weekend. 
Awesome German-Look race action going on at the ARW in Meppen, Germany. 

6th Klassisches VW Treffen. 
The one and only Vintage VW Show in Japan organised by FLAT4. 

Summer Picnic. 
Sold out and still the most relaxed and family friendly VW weekend takes place in the Netherlands. 

We received a warm welcome at the Jogja VW Festival 2019 in Indonesia. 

Aircooled Winterfest. 
The first show of the new year and new VW season is in the Netherlands and indoors! 

No reservation needed. Cool patina slammed rides gathered around the BBQ in the UK.

…and more!

AirTist: David Flores. 
10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art! 

Receive the above limited print ‘Collectors Edition’ Cover when subscribing to the magazine!

FLAT4 Shop Visit. 
While in Japan we of course stopped by our friends from FLAT4 in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. 

‘Impressed’ Factory Tour. 
BBT Bob showed us around the sheet-metal factory and demonstrated the production process. 

El Dub’s Column 
Towing that Nostalgia drag history around for some action! 

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