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AirMighty Megascene #41


AirMighty Megascene #41

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  • Cars

    Turbocharged Bus.
    Chris Lambourne’s ’61 Devon Camper has been through more overhauls and rebuilds than Chris can even remember.

    French Flavor.
    A classic 1776cc powertrain for this ‘63, as any self-respecting Cal Looker needs a hot engine!

    Lowrider Notchback.
    This Type 3 from Belgium is sparking his way trough the countryside driving from show to show to show and shine.

    Okrasa-powered Zwitter.
    This L36 “Azurblau” painted 1952 Beetle is a lush for the eye.

    Hispano Aleman Buggy.
    Spanish beaches and Porsche power? Let’s check it out!

    1963 Okrasa Beetle.
    The one and only Okrasa powered Beetle delivered by VW.

  • Shows

    Air-Time Meeting.
    Every Time, Air-Time, All the Time!

    R.A.R.S. #1.
    When the RadikalBugz organises something big you gotta go!

    Buses By The Bridge.
    Roadtrip! Lets hop in with 10ft Doug and drive to the 24th edition of BBB.

    Fast4Cartel Dragrace.
    For the Racers, by Racers! Let’s check out some drag-race action in Oregon, USA.

    Das O.C.T.O. Fest.
    Many shows got cancelled but O.C.T.O. was ready for their show… and it was massive!

    VW Breakout.
    People want to get out, breakout! Santa Pod was the place to be to enjoy drag-race action, a show & shine and what not… all at 1.5m social distance, but doable!

  • …and more!

    AirTist: Randy Slack.
    10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art!

    Receive the above limited print ‘Collectors Edition’ Cover when subscribing to the magazine!

    Pon’s Historical Company collection.
    A new column in AirMighty with some interesting story telling: Tulip Rally 1967 – Victory in style and with great class.

    The Originator of Tuning.
    Tom digs into what was the very first vision of what we today call tuning!

    El Dub’s Column.
    Lets step back to the ‘70s. Meet the pearl-yellow ‘MAD PINEAPPLE’.

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