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AirMighty Megascene #42


AirMighty Megascene #42

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  • Cars

    1954 RHD Barndoor Bus 
    An originally N.Z. RHD Bus supplied to a garage in Auckland and now lives its new life in the streets of London.

    Got to love the early ones, 1954 Vert 
    The last year has been challenging on multiple levels, but it hasn’t stopped Holland’s Eric van Dooren from building a top-notch 1954 cabriolet, with help from talented hands in the UK!

    1953 Ragtop Cal Look 
    Modified it to race on weekends, or cruise to Hot Rod meets?

    Grey Beetle
    In the spirit of Volkswagen’s Standard models, Marco Posillico’s ’56 Ragtop does not display a speck of chrome – many components now feature a ceramic-based finish called Cerakote.

    Dial DoKa 
    Superb Italian L31 Dove Blue 1963 Double Cab with trick underpinnings…

    1963 Bug, his first air-cooled VW 
    Eager to stand out from the crowd, Daniel Morales went a very different route!

  • Shows

    Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup
    Vintage windsurfing, skate contest and the world championships of wave surfing combined wit vintage VWs… yes, we had to check it out and travel off to the beack in La Barre-de-Monts, France

    No Klub King, AlpTour #2 
    Cruising up and down the gorgeous Swiss alpine passes with fellow VW buddies who were simply up for a good time.

    Cagero V-Dubs & Coffee
    air-cooled VWs and Porsches rolled in from all over Switzerland to meet similarly-disposed fans

    Donut Derelicts 
    We cruised with Ed Fox and Rolando Alvarado down to Huntington Beach, California, for the Donut Derelicts meeting

    Winter Marathon 
    in Italy Race time! Seven times lucky for REMO at the VECARS Winter Marathon.

    Normandy Beach Race 2020 
    It was the weekend of 25-27th September 2020, and the second edition of the Normandy Beach Race was about to take place! Time to check it out.

  • …and more!

    ART Interview
    We introduce to you Xavier Cevera, VW enthausiast and this editions designer of the ‘Collectors Edition’ subscribers-cover!

    Receive the above limited print ‘Collectors Edition’ Cover when subscribing to the magazine!

    Pon Archives: Volkswagen 1500S already proven in rallies! 
    Spa – Sofia – Liège: a tough test … here we go in the year 1963!

    Vintage Speed OKRASA 
    The real witness of the past from a “David versus Goliath” benchmark test between a 1951 Beetle versus a Porsche 356, also from 1951

    Nostalgia Corner 
    The ‘Little Wonder’ or a ‘Mini-Porsche’… let’s have another look at the iconic EMPI GTV Volkswagen.

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