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AirMighty Megascene #44


AirMighty Megascene #44

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  • Cars

    Orange Crush. 
    1963 Squareback built in the spirit of the 1980s VW scene. 

    Type 3 History – The Early Years. 
    The Volkswagen Type 3 is celebrating its 60th birthday this year – a very long timespan for a car. 

    FASTback Drag. 
    Jean-Marc “The Duff”’ Dufossé recently revamped his turbocharged 1972 Fastback with a Mooneyes theme. 

    Cal Look Spirit Notch. 
    Award winning 1963 Notchback with the classic Californian look. Now with a 1641cc and awaiting a new 1776cc for some more competition. 

    S for… Sexy! 
    Frederic Peeters trying to describe his passion for the 1500S in a few words… can he!? 

    Dirty Nasty Low Gucci 
    “I just wanted a solid car that I could spend time modifying rather than restoring.” There it was: a 1969 Savannah Beige (L620) Squareback. 

    ’64 1500S cornering hard. 
    Let’s rally with ‘Team Colorado VW Historic Rallying’ in their fast Notch. 

    Blue Streak. 
    North Wales resident Aaron Lewis found a gem, in the shape of an original paint ’73 Fastback. 

    Dub’s Kruisers Gang. 
    The two Square- and Notchback you see here have been racking up trophies for more than 10 and 20 years respectively! 

    Square on Air. 
    After owning several air-cooled VWs, it was time to add this fantastic ’66 Squareback to their fleet. 

    Rag TOP Notch. 
    Raymond Beutler had no regrets when he built his trick Notchback. 

    Out of the L633 Blue. 
    Unassuming and understated, this mid-sixties Square is a true sleeper. 

  • Shows

    TYPE III Meet & Greet. 
    Let’s take a look at the Type III Meet & Greet that has been taking place in Spa during the last few years. 

  • …and more!

    AirTist: Hotaka Saito. 
    10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art! 

    Receive the above limited print ‘Collectors Edition’ Cover when subscribing to the magazine!

    Type 3 Accessories. 
    Parts and accessories from back in the day and what’s new and available on the market now. 

    Type 3 Shop Interviews. 
    AirMighty asked the Type 3 ‘old hands trio’ to recount their stories, their passions and their backgrounds. Read firsthand how Alex (ISP West, page 46), Mario (T3HQ, page 134) and Shin Mukai (TOA International, page 108) took on the fight to preserve the Volkswagen Type 3. 

    24H of Spa-Francorchamps. 
    The 1500 « S » at the 1964 24 Hours of Francorchamps. 

    Meet the Maker. 
    Doug Berg shows us his Type 3 heater modification at Gene Berg. 

    Pon’s Historical Company collection. 
    A new column in AirMighty with some interesting storytelling: Night-time test drives with the VW 1500. 

    Type 3 servicing tools. 
    Tom went out again and sourced some interesting, early sixties Type 3 specific servicing tools. 

    El Dub’s Column. 
    Notchbacks, Fastbacks and Squarebacks… not a comon sight in the VW Nostalgia scene. But we found them!

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