AirMighty Megascene #46


AirMighty Megascene #46

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  • Featured Cars in AirMighty Megascene #46


    Class of 1972
    Addie Vroegindeweij’s 1300 Beetle has been revived twice, now a Cal Looker in a Westfalia colour combination. 

    Smooth ’65 Bug
    Featuring clean lines and little alterations at first sight – but smart suspension work gives it a ton of attitude. 

    T1 Westfalia
    A Bus is what he wanted, and this unique 1956 T1 was what he got. Read all about this early Westfalia Bus. 

    SÜDFUNK Barndoor 
    This is one of those stories that, historically, goes way back. It’s about a super-rare 1950 non-rear window Barndoor Bus. 

    Show Winning 1964 Squareback
    Robin Seifarth and Marie Gollnick rescued the vehicle in a condition only fit for scrap in 2012 – and then transformed back again into an eye-turner without equal! 

  • Featured Shows in AirMighty Megascene #46


    R.A.R.S #2
    Checking out the RadikalBugz Aircooled Rumble Show for some hardcore slammed dubs. 

    Beach Dubbin 2021 
    It’s back, bigger and better than ever before. Air-cooled VWs line up at the Southsea Common. 

    HangarZ Meeting #7
    A great day enjoying the Belgian sunshine checking out cool cars with always a great line up of Cal Lookers. 

    VW Bus Meeting Westende
    Off to Belgium again for a day at the beach checking out a huge number of VW Buses in a great boulevard setting. 

    DKW Show, Mexico
    The Club Der Kleinwagen of Mexico City is responsible for organizing this event every other year, which is dedicated to show the very best examples of the Mexican VW scene. 

    IKW Wanroij 
    One of the main shows that took place in the Summer of 2021 in The Netherlands. With restrictions, but man it was good to be out! 

    BBB XXV 
    Buses By The Bridge 2022. It’s January and time to get together at Lake Havasu State Park in Arizona. So, hop in that Bus and let’s get there! 

    VWs At The Springs
    Lava Hot Springs, Idaho in the United States of Amerika is the place to be for a small get-together and camping weekend with VW friends. 

  • …and more!

    AirTist: Sven Bijster
    10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art!

    Receive the above limited print ‘Collectors Edition’ Cover when subscribing to the magazine!

    Rarest of the Rare
    DEHNE Barndoor fuel gauge from the Claus Missing collection.

    Pon’s Historical Company collection
    A new column in AirMighty with some interesting storytelling: Special interior fittings for the VW Panel. 

    El Dub Nostalgia Column
    A new column in AirMighty with some interesting storytelling: Special interior fittings for the VW Panel. 

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