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AirMighty Megascene #47


AirMighty Megascene #47

Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

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  • Featured Cars in AirMighty Megascene #47


    Fighting Bug
    One of the best detailed quarter milers ever built in Europe, built in Italy to be exact.

    The backdated Square
    It took Steve seven years to complete the car, with no stone left unturned he made his youngster look like the older model.

    Hollywood Vert
    Finished in 2021, this ’50 Kabriolett might become a benchmark for restorations within the Volkswagen community.

    Baja 1303 Beetle
    This “Tamiya Sand Scorcher” lookalike appears as tough as nails. Equipped with a water-cooled engine, it maintains the 1303 Baja look.

    The Sweetest T2a
    It may appear fairly original at first sight, but this ’70 Bus has a perfect fit and finish, along with sharp technological choices and upgrades.

  • Featured Shows in AirMighty Megascene #47


    Aircooled Race Weekend
    Around 90 air-cooled Volkswagens came together at Meppen Racepark in northeast Germany to participate and race in the 4th ARW!

    VW Breakout
    Always nice to check out the drag race classes, as well as Run-What- Ya-Brung (RWYB), featuring a range of VWs.

    Northwest Bug Run
    After being cancelled in 2020, the 36th annual Northwest Bug Run delivers long-awaited action.

    Fast4Cartel 2021
    Looking back at a season of blazing hot 1/8th-mile drag racing action on the West Coast of the United States.

    VolksWorld Show 2022
    Cal Look Corner, Back to ’89 displays, many Ghias and freshly restored cars. It was good to be back in the UK again.

    May Cruise Madness 2022
    Enjoying the evening with likeminded friends, catching up and generally talking air-cooled VWs. The MCM was an excellent opportunity to kick-off the MKT.

    Mai Käfer Treffen
    May Day, May 1st, the 39th edition of the Mai Käfer Treffen took place in Hannover. Definitely the biggest one-day air-cooled VW show on the planet.

    Somogy Bug Event #1
    This VW show was a long-held ambition, full of our love, spirit and soul. This is the first edition of the Hungarian VW weekend.

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    Above ‘normal’ cover is sold out, you’ll receive the ‘Collectors Edition’ cover as shown in the main product-image. The content is the same.

    Hermann Walter Collection
    AirMighty had the chance to look closely at Hermann Walter’s private Volkswagen collection.

    AirTist: Bartosz Janiszewski
    10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art!

    Pon’s Historical Company collection
    Beetle convertible fashion in the summer of 1952.

    El Dub’s Column
    “Purple Hornies”. Laurent’s tribute to the Purple Beetle Cyclone.

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