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AirMighty Megascene #48


AirMighty Megascene #48

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  • Featured Cars in AirMighty Megascene #47


    Mean Green Machine 
    Danny Foerster applied an unusual treatment when building his ‘65 Ghia. Without a single spec of chrome, this car truly stands out. 

    Speedwell T1 
    Why not apply the Old Speed treatment to a stark 1950s Kombi was what Wawan Dalbo thought when building his ’56 model… 

    1964 Resto Cal Beetle 
    It went through different stages: Custom, Cal Look and finally Resto Cal. Wesley Verrijckt learned to navigate through the air-cooled maze to figure out what to do with his ’64 Beetle. Here it is. 

    Black 1956 Oval Ragtop 
    This ‘56 Ragtop took a well-deserved trophy home at this year’s European Bug-In #9 in Chimay, Belgium. So let’s have a closer look at Dub’s Kruisers Gang member Alexandre Procureur’s latest build. 

    Half-Track Fox 
    Brace yourselves, winter is coming! Based on the personal requirements of Austrian alpinist Kurt Kretzner, a unique and simply fantastic idea led to a stunning, chain-driven 1962 Split Window Bus with four axles. 

  • Featured Shows in AirMighty Megascene #47


    Hoffmann Speedster Classic Day 
    First edition of the Hoffmann Speedster Classic Day took place in Henrichshütte, Germany, to celebrate their 35th Anniversary. It was a succes and we are looking forward to their next edition(s) to come. 

    Le Mans Classic 
    The ‘Original Flat 4 Drivers Club’ strikes down again in France at the track of Le Mans for a splendid weekend of Old Speed fun with some of the most beautiful oldtimers around. 

    Jogja VW Festival #5 
    “Long Time No See” theme for the Jogjakarta Volkswagen Festival 2022. This fifth edition was held in July, in the courtyard of Prambanan Temple, Sleman, DIY Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

    BBT Open House 
    Always a great get-together with VW friends before all the vintage VW madness starts! Read all about the open house and that includes the preparations story! 

    BBT Convoy 
    Road to HO22. How it happened… Bob Van Heyst always organises the convoy towards the Germany’s Bad Camberg vintage treffen, but this year it was destination Hessisch Oldendorf again. 

    Petermax Müller Rennen
    On the to-do list for many Old Speed lovers: to participate the biannual PMMR. With a limited number of participants, on an unknown journey through Germany with HO22 as final destination. 

    Hessisch Oldendorf 2022 
    A gathering of pre-1957 VWs, Coachbuilds and Porsches, descending from all over the world into this little north German village. HO22 is a must for many, and this edition didn’t disappoint. 

    European Bug-In #9 
    It’s time for some old school drag racing again! Time for the ninth edition of the European Bug-In taking place in Chimay, Belgium. They welcomed 24.000 fans over the three-day meeting. And they enjoyed what they came for! 

  • …and more!

    AirTist: Jeffrey Hicken 
    10 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art!

    European VW Show Calendar 
    Most European air-cooled VW shows listed on one page.

    El Dub’s Column
    The tribute Purple Beetle Cyclone at EBI#9.

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