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AirMighty Megascene #49


AirMighty Megascene #49
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  • Featured Cars in AirMighty Megascene #47


    412LE Lowrider
    The lowrider trend is rarely seen in the Volkswagen scene. Yet Carl Joscelyne decided to apply the colourful treatment to his latest Vee Dub. This is one unique VW 412 that really grabbed our attention as soon as we saw it.

    Old Speed ‘59
    The Old Speed trend, a great match to the car’s patina. Filled with rare period accessories and engine components, which led to the creation of a memorable rally racer.

    DKK ‘67 Cal Looker
    This furious 200-horse ’67 sedan, rides in Fullerton (Orange County, California), which is considered by many as the epicentre of the California Look to this day.

    Radikal Razor
    Let’s have a closer look at this electric sunroof-optioned Type 34. A car well-known within the European Volkswagen scene built by the RadikalBugz from Belgium.

    Samba with 911 power
    When the ultimate goal is to bring out the best of two worlds, style and power, this 1958 Samba is the triumphant result! And, just in case you were wondering about the “typical Samba” folding sunroof and roof windows… just read the article.

  • Featured Shows in AirMighty Megascene #47


    Trilbardou Campout
    In Paris, France our reporters visit this campout organised by the German Tropical club members who promised a fantastic program.

    Ardennen Rennen
    A weekend of Old Speed racing on the narrow, slippery roads of the Ardennes hills, with their tight turns and sinuous tarmac trails. A great gathering of Old Speed VWs and Porsches with their Gentlemen Drivers.

    Luftgekühlt 8
    Visitors love the concept of these gatherings solely dedicated to air-cooled versions, up to the last 993 model produced in 1998. “Luft” is truly a one of a kind Porsche meet in the world. Let’s see what awesomeness this day has to offer.

    The Deeky Tiki Party
    It’s always a party with the Deeks! Summertime fun in Southern California: The Deeky Tiki Party! A tropical-themed gathering. The party is attended by club members from DKK and DKP, as well as other esteemed guests from the California’s Cal Look VW scene.

    Hangarz #7
    The air-cooled Volkswagen fraternity takes over the village of Nazareth in the municipality of East Flanders where Gassers and many Cal Lookers line up.

    Viva Skeg Vegas
    The event evolved from a small VW gathering in a skatepark carpark into the huge event of festival proportions it is today. In the 16 years it’s been running, it’s gone from roughly 100 to over 6,000 visitors!

    RadikalBugz R.A.R.S.#3
    Started during lockdown, and now it’s already the 3rd edition of the RadikalBugz Aircooled Rumble Show in Cuesmes, Belgium. We got in our car to check it out once again.

    Int. Vintage Meeting Morat / Murten
    The Swiss Vintage Meeting took place for the third time in August this year. The historic village is situated on the shores of Lake Murten. A truly beautiful location for Vintage VWs to come together.

  • …and more!

    Collectors Edition Cover by: Toby Walker

    PON Archives
    Diving deeper into the VW 412 history archives.

    European VW Show Calendar
    Most European air-cooled VW shows listed on one page.

    AirTist: Toby Walker
    13 Years AirMighty, so we had the Collectors-Edition cover made into a real piece of (VW) art!

    Shop Visit: CAGERO AG in Switzerland
    If you’re into air-cooled performance parts you’ll know CAGERO.COM AG. Our friendly reporter stopped by their shop while visiting the Int. Vintage Meeting in Murten. Great combo for a Volkswagen enthusiast.

    El Dub’s Column.
    The Type 2 ’70s Custom.

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